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Things we usually don’t know when we are dreamers

We see movies, books and many other things about dreamers all the time. We see these motivational messages everywhere. “You can!” The songs are telling us that we should dream more and more, and go forward. “Baby, you’re a firework”, Katy said. “We were all meant to fly,” I often heard from Avril. And recently we have Brendon saying “I was going to be that one in a million” in High Hopes. Aren’t you inspired by the story of J. K. Rowling? In my case, Alice in Wonderland inspired me to believe in impossible things.

Once we decide to pursue our dreams, we do not know what problems we are getting into. It is like a roller coaster. We can see this before we go and get excited and happy, but we can’t imagine the feeling of really being there, and sometimes it’s really scary.

I mean, it is not that the journey to achieve the things we want is not worth it. It is, but we must know that this is neither impossible nor easy. We must know that it will not be like a fairy tale. That’s why I decided to write this. As a writer and filmmaker, I have been pursuing my dreams since I can remember and many things have happened because of it.

1 — You will need to give up many things

Dreams are also choices and when you choose something, you are also giving up on something else. It can be a doctor’s high salary when you decide to be an artist, or it can be a simple country life when you decide to be a successful businesswoman/man. You have to be aware because sometimes we dream of something that means leaving behind the things we like. They can be things we already have or things we would like to be part of our lives. This brings us to the next thing…

2 — Sometimes you will be alone

Since you are leaving some things behind, it is sad, but I must say that you will leave also some people in your past. I mean, it’s not that you won’t talk to them or have a good relationship with them, but people have different goals and that can lead us in different directions. We are chasing things that will make us happy and others are doing the same. Some people will not agree with us either. Not everyone believes in dreams and we cannot blame them. Especially people who love us will be afraid for us, and can sometimes be shown as a non-support. We will have days when we will be alone, it can be just about our opinions or actually alone. And that’s fine.

3 — Many things won’t work

We have courage, we have determination, we are unstoppable. Great, but we’ll still fail. And not just once. It’s part of the process because we are not perfect and also because it doesn’t depend just on us. If you need to cross a river, but something happens to the bridge, there’s nothing you can do about it. We can’t control everything. Also…

4 — We will make bad decisions

We are human and making mistakes is part of it. Sometimes we don’t see clearly because we just want to travel to another country or because we want to make a great presentation for the audience. We focus on the goal without checking if the way we’re choosing is safe. By the end we don’t enjoy the journey either achieve the goal, so we might need to pay attention to everything before making a decision.

5 — You will go back

It’s not easy, but sometimes, after a long way, we might need to go back and start again. It’s heartbreaking, frustrating, but we are not in control of everything. So pack all you have learned from the journey and go back with your head up because you’re not the same anymore.

I told you sometimes: we are not in control of everything, but no one has power over our decisions (unless we allow). A journey to get the things you want, to live the life you dream about, is painful, is hard, but it worth. Every second, every small achievement, every time you feel that you’re fighting for something, is worth it. You’re building an meaningful existence, creating an experience that no one else could ever have, making impossible things. And all of this is for you. All of this is to make your own life great. So don’t ever give up on dreaming and pursuing what will make you proud.

Sometimes the journey is not about the goal, but about the journey itself.

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